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To support you in navigating the global crisis we have added a new page to our website: Resources to creatively navigate the global crisis. 

Due to the uncertain circumstances around Covid 19 we will set up an online environment so students who are not able to join us physically get the opportunity to follow the program and be involved in practice sessions.

Due to the developments around corona we have re-scheduled the dates for the Health Certification Program.
It will be the last Health Certification Training that we sponsor in Holland. Therefor NLP Master Practitioners have ONE LAST CHANCE to be in the program. Please start planning your time and finances and register now because seats are limited!

We realise that making a decision to sign up for this course during the global crisis might be a bit of a challenge. Please realise that we have a friendly procedure on cancellation in our general terms and conditions.
So if you want to take the course, please sign up while we still have some places available

Are you considering joining this life changing Advanced NLPHealth program and in the back of your mind there are still some questions about the benefits?
Watch the video's about the experiences of HCT graduates and the Q & A's with the trainers and find out what this program will bring you on a personal and professional level.

Q & A with Robert Dilts 

Q & A with Tim Hallbom

Q & A with Suzi Smith

Your journey to mastery begins when you decide to:

  • Take your NLP learning to the next level.
  • Start building a healthy life for yourself and others.
  • Join us in this advanced NLP Health Training.

Why the Health Certification program in Holland is so special:

  • Advanced NLP Health training
  • It is the only HCT in Europe.
  • NLP top trainers from America: Robert Dilts, Suzi Smith and Tim Hallbom. 
  • You study with an international group of like minded people.
  • The training is held in a beautiful location in the woods.
  • The training is taught in English.
  • The trainers and skilled resource team are there to create deep learning and facilitate personal transformation.
  • After graduating you get an opportunity to join an international community of NLP Health Coaches.


Robert Dilts was live with lots of information and insights about NLP and Health

Interested in personal, professional, organizational health?

Is this you? Yes: It’s time to explore this website.

The Health Certification Training is delivered in the Netherlands
over 15 days split in 3 modules of 5 days each.


To support you in navigating the global crisis we have added a new page to our website: Resources to creatively navigate the global crisis.