Written testimonials

Written testimonials

"The HCT was one of the best programs I ever attended.
It was worth every minute"

I highly recommend this "Health Certification Training" led by three international experts in the applications of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) in the field of health; Robert Dilts, Suzi Smith and Tim Hallbom. I took this training two years ago and I consider the content to be so rich that it is worth taking it several times. This is the reason why I will follow her with great pleasure a second time in October 2020 in Holland. This training does not talk about illness, but about transformation, health and well-being, therefore it is something precious which conditions the realization of all our life projects. Health problems are approached in a very different way and also very complementary to that which I was able to learn as a doctor. We learn to think about health in a global and systemic way and to take our share of responsibility for living in good health. The NLP tools and models presented are often very innovative and little known to NLP master practitioners. All these elements make Health Certification Training an extremely rare human experience, rich in transformations. The 50 people who attended Suzi Smith's training in Paris at the beginning of September could testify to their enthusiasm and the benefits they were able to obtain from Suzi's teachings.
Dr Jean Luc Monsempès, NLP trainer and Health Coach trainer

The HCT has been an incredible journey for me on a personal and professional level. Working with a group of talented and advanced NLP skilled people in an environment dedicated to understanding ourselves and our relationship to health and well being has been such a gift. I was able to come out the other side having more compassion to myself, understating “unhealthy” patterns and identifying beliefs to aid me going forward in an authentic way. Learning with Suzi, Tim and Robert has been an experience second to none. Really watching NLP masters at work. I was lucky to be on this programme twice with a health challenge in between and to my surprise, the second time brought new learning and “healing” in a profound way. Special thank you to Marian for dedicating a special part of her life to make this programme possible and to the special group of resource people who make the day to day working of the programme seamless and personal to each participant. So much encouragement and good energy in the room. I’m so grateful to have been part of the HCT. 


Noor Ali - United Kingdom
Coach and Trainer 

“NLP Master Practitioner taught me to love myself while HCT has now taught me to love my body. The link between the mind and the body is complete with the HCT journey”.


Sampa Bhasin - UK
Mentor to start ups and coach

"The HCT is enriching and empowering. You learn new techniques but most importantly you learn to see the bigger picture with regard to what you already know"


Irma Bosman - The Netherlands
Teacher, coach, counselor

"The HCT has surpassed my expectations with these trainers who took us to the heart of the art of NLP"


Pascaline Emms - Australia
Acupunturist, therapist

'I find the value of the HCT in the insights and techniques that I can deploy to stimulate the self-healing capabilities of organisations and individuals. Being inspired by the masters, the added value of techniques to easily find the cause of symptoms and the art of learning to 'play' with the material lead to stunning results. This training is, also for those who are interested in the health of organisations, an absolute must'.

Karen Reichert - The Netherlands
Trainer, coach, counseler

"My expectations were more than exceeded as I learnt so much more about applying NLP for good health than I could have imagined.." Read more


Richard Post - The Netherlands
Learning support assistant at the British School in the Netherlands

"Participate in this training to enrich yourself, your experience, your environment and especially: It is healthy!"


Annemarieken van Hespen -
The Netherlands
Jurist, walking coach

"The changes resulting from the work of Robert Dilts can often look like a miracle".


Milan Somers - The Netherlands
NLP-Hypnosis trainer / coach

"Wonderful trainers, inspiring program, mastering your skills".


Greetje Komdeur - The Netherlands
Coach, trainer

"This course takes mastery to a higher level. What is taught here, is transformative for the student and a rich source of new ways to other clients".


Wendy Frost - England
NLP coach and trainer

"If you need inspiration to take your NLP skills to a much higher level, attend this course!! The trainers are great and you learn to deal with limiting beliefs and habits, in a way that is easy and transforming. For yourself and your cliënts"


Sylvia de Vries - The Netherlands
NLP -Trainer, NLP Master Coach

"The HCT is the biggest gift you can give to yourself. It turned my life around in more than one way'


Brenda de Concink - The Netherlands
Integrated (hypno)therapist


"The HCT was one of the best programs I ever attended. It was worth every minute".


Romina Schell - Germany
Trainer, coach