Who should attend?

This program is for anyone who cares about their health and longevity and is concerned about how to take care of themselves to feel better and optimize the function of their body. It is for coaches, therapists, health care professionals (nurses, dieticians, physical therapists, etc), and all other who work to improve the health and wellness of others.

The training is also ideal for anyone who wants a fast and transformative way to get better results from life, or who is on a personal development path such as:

  • Coaches – As a coach, you will find these processes useful in helping your clients to quickly remove the unconscious barriers that keep them from achieving their health goals and being their best selves. As a result your clients will transform and heal more quickly, and have a higher success rate of achieving ongoing health and wellness.

  • NLP Practitioners – You will immediately grasp the elegance of these coaching methods and use them to help yourself and others to be more healthy and balanced throughout every area of life.

  • Health Practitioners, Doctors, Nurses, etc. – You will discover useful methods for alleviating pain, reducing symptoms and empowering your clients on their healing journey.

  • Therapists and Counselors – As a therapist or counselor, you can enhance virtually any therapeutic session with the coaching tools and understandings that you will gain from this program.

  • Parents – You will find these coaching tools helpful in helping your child to be more focused, present and calm. You will also learn some basic coaching skills and techniques that you can use with your children to help them stay healthy– and keep them from getting sick and missing school.

  • Hypnotherapists –You will be able to effectively use these processes for your deep change work around stress and other health related issues. This coaching program lends itself to quickly facilitating change and transformation, reducing stress, and eliminating stress responses in your clients.

  • Trainers – As a trainer you will find the skills you learn from this program helpful in: maintaining your state of mind while you are training, having more energy throughout the day, being more healthy, and having more ongoing peace of mind in your daily life.

'This Health Coach Program helped me to go to the next level to enhance my NLP skills and deal with physical health challenges, emotional and behavioral issues'.