What people say

Nathalie Lebas - Generative Coach and Hypnotherapist

'Make a positive difference in the world’s health. If you want to create a healthy life for yourself, family, friends and for wellbeing in companies, this is the place to be!

This Health Coach Program helped me to go to the next level to enhance my NLP skills and deal with physical health challenges, emotional and behavioral issues.

Tim Hallbom is one of the most recognized experts in NLP. His discovery with his wife, Kris Hallbom: DSR (Dynamic Spin Release) is just an amazing protocol to transform so many health, emotional obstacles and limiting beliefs in 10 minutes only.

Suzi Smith is one of my favourite NLP trainers. I met her at NLPU in California. She teaches with generosity, a wonderful smile, authentically and makes NLP very simple and easy. You will enjoy her wonderful songs each and will remember them forever'.

Noor Ali - Coach

"I had many magical moments working with processes for health and wellbeing on this programme. If I had to choose one that resonated with me the most, it would be the physical trauma process. This is a process I remember well, as I was a demo person on stage with the wonderful Suzi Smith. It involved removing the original frozen feelings from a car accident that I had found particularly traumatic when I was younger. Through a technique of kinaesthetic dissociation taking me through the events of that day, I was guided to re-imagine re-experiencing the original events of that day without hurt. My state was altered by the end of the process, and that particular traumatic day now has more neutral feelings within me. I am grateful for this process and Suzy as doing it has taken the charge out of my system and a lot of the suppressed painful physical tension in my back and the intense emotional anxiety associated with it”

Nathaly Loos - Coach

'Participating to the 2020 Health Coach Program in Paris has been a blessing. Looking at first for tools to prevent Burnouts and Health Problems in organisations, I got a very large variety of processes that now allow me to address not only the loss of balance/homeostasis brought up by an illness but also to go deeper, at the root of the belief system and events that were in the way of living a healthy life.

I loved looking at the symptom as a way to get an important message from our inner being. Not trying to ignore nor suppress it, but welcoming it, listening to it and making those life changing decisions and actions that will set up the right conditions for living a durable healthy life.

The training also had a tremendous effect on both my personal and professional life as a coach accompanying clients through a very challenging time. Accompanying those clients, often in a deep state of anxiety, requires from me a deep, trusting and stable coach state that I was abbe to reinforce working on my own blockages and fears going through the protocols. It allowed me to become a better more grounded coach, with the ability to work with more comfort and self-confidence.

The quality of Suzi and Tim’s teachings have been outstanding.

Suzi's grounding, simplicity, yet efficient way of demonstrating and explaining the protocols helped me get a deep understanding of both the content and the coach's posture.

Tim’s clarity, his way of putting the protocols in perpective, in the context they were born, helped me understand when and why to use them, be aware of the resistances that can arise along the way, and learn how to manage them with awareness and compassion.

They were both mastering their art of teaching and embodying the protocols on the stage and through the examples brought from their personal lives.

Being at the beginning of the new era I feel healing has never been so crucial, as a first step to go toward the changes the world is calling upon us'.


Francis Keaney - Psychiatrist

One of the most powerful processes you can experience on the course is around a belief change using reimprinting where one has a limiting belief and replacing it with a new empowering belief. You can be surprised as to where unconscious limiting beliefs spring from in this process often carried by not only parents but previous generations. This learning certainly opens one's model of the world.


Giorgia Sanfiori – Transformational Coach

“I had the opportunity and the honor to be Resource person in Paris, where Suzy and Tim taught the Health Coaching Program. For me it was an incredible and profound learning experience, but also a personal transformational voyage in my beliefs’ system. What I appreciated most was their capacity to explain their approach with clarity and simple words. I found the protocols so efficient, that since I learned them, I kept using them with my clients for accelerating the healing process. I strongly recommend their approach and training to all professional who want to make a difference in the Health Coaching world.”


Christophe Lack -  MD, General Practitioner

I greatly appreciated Suzi and Tim's sincerity and kindness during this training, and especially their commitment to promoting simple, practical, easy-to-use tools and techniques to improve our own health in the broadest sense, and that of our clients.

In short, a state of mind, a know-how and a willingness to share that makes the difference.


Sophia Briouel - CEO Wepuls I Executive & Business Coach

I was very excited to have been trained by Suzi Smith during the Health Coach Program. I had the chance to experience a demo with her and I loved her posture, her authenticity and her generosity.
Suzi Smith has an extraordinary ability to make complex coaching techniques very accessible with common sense and simplicity.
Her personal health experiences, as well as those of her clients, have been relentlessly rich. I have been nourished by her knowledge. Her singularity is based on the light she transmits to us during her teachings. I want to thank her for that. I look forward to seeing her again either for supervision or collaboration. Suzi you are just amazing and a beautiful person.