Transport and Hotels

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How to get there?

The Poort is situated in the beautiful woods of Groesbeek in Holland. On the website of the Poort is a route description by car or public transit .

Most of our students from abroad arrive in Holland by plane.
From Schiphol airport you can take a train to Nijmegen and from there you can take a taxi to the Poort.
From the German airports Weeze and Dusseldorf you can take a taxi to the Poort.

Traveling by train

For traveling by train in Holland you can find a lot of information on  the journey planner of NS

Traveling by plane

When you arrive by plane you have a choice of three airports.
Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam Holland and Weeze Airport and Dusseldorf Airport in Germany close to the Dutch border.


Airport Weeze
Airport Düsselforf
Schiphol airport



Restaurants in the area