Curriculum Health Certification Training

"Develop your skills so you can help yourself and others"

The overall theme in the program will be discovering the patterns that lead to physical, emotional, social and organisational health.
This will involve being a sponsor to self as well as others.

Each module will cover:

  • Processes that deal with physical, emotional, social and organisational health and discussion on how that applies to overall systems that we are involved with (the larger Field).
  • The SCORE model in many different forms.
  • Updating the past and clearing past hurts.
  • Dealing with internal conflicts.
  • The telling of personal healing stories.
  • How to identify and change hidden limiting beliefs.
  • Forgiveness - various ways of letting go.
  • Gratitude and how to express it.
  • Daily practices that lead to health and vitality.
  • The creation of ritual for self and others.
  • Self assesment.

Curriculum of the Health Certification Training