What will you learn?

Curriculum and benefits

.    Knowing how to get started in a coaching session
Discover how to be in control and be more consistently successful with your clients.

.    Getting Internal Answers about your Health
Learn proactive ways to help the client address their health.

.    Implementing the LAW Model
Learn to reveal the conscious, often hidden thought patterns that are holding the client back from resolving their issues.

.    Beliefs
Learn how to help the client identify their limiting beliefs and learn powerful methods for replacing limiting beliefs with empowering ones.

.    Stress
Explore ways to help the client identify their stressors and help them develop the ability to live in a more mindful and healthy way stress free way.

.    What is Health?
Discover how to weave healthy ways into every aspect of life, which will lead the client greater wholeness and fulfillment.

.     Receive a template for how to deal with a health challenge
Learn how to provide your client with a 26 step comprehensive approach to healing. This will empower the client to take charge of their own healing process.

.     Forgiveness
Learn  specific “how to” processes for forgiving, giving the client the ability to let go of past hurts and truly heal.

.     The NLP Trauma Technique
Learn how to help the client resolve physical and emotional trauma so that healing occurs on multiple levels.

.     Counter-Examples as Powerful Resources
Gain specific tools that enable the client to bring their best solutions forward into their current issue.

.     Self-Witnessing
Learn a powerful method to help the client get distance from a problematic situation to replace it with a positive perception about it.

.     Creating New Habit Patterns
Discover a useful approach to unhook from a problem habit pattern and facilitate creating a new habit that enhances the client’s health and well-being.

.     Neuro-Logical Levels
Master a comprehensive model for helping the client Identify the level of depth they need to transform to get the changes they really want.

Dynamic Spin Release
Employ a model for helping the client consistently replace a problem with a solution of their choice - often in a manner of minutes.

.     Eye Movement Integration
Learn how to integrate  a simple, quick and easy method to help the client clear a problem giving them the opportunity to move ahead.

.     The Placebo Effect
Experience advanced discoveries that use the client’s own mental patterning for achieving goals consistently.

.     Coach Models
Discover specific coaching models that provide structure for a coach session and coach relationships, ensuring greater coach effectiveness.

.     Compelling Futures
Assist the client to plan and create the future they really want.

'Develop your skills by asking questions'

"Align your personal strengths with your professional capabilities, core beliefs and values, your mission and vision"