What is the role of a Health Coach?

.    Focus on your client's personal health and wellness strengths and needs.

.    Brainstorm ideas about wellness goals and strategies that your clients can do to achieve their goals.

.    Help your client find solutions for their health related problems and concerns they may dealing with.

.    Assist your client in developing mindfulness strategies that will allow them to be more positive, focused, and resourceful in their daily lives.

.   Help your client find the motivation he or she needs to achieving their wellness goals.

.    Use a variety of NLP, Coaching and Mindfulness methods with your clients, to help them move through the process of setting and reaching their health and wellness related goals.

.    Ask powerful questions that can help your client better understand their personal situation and the direction they are going in their life.

.     Assist your client in identifying what steps they need to take to achieve a health and wellness related goal.

.    Provide structure and support to your client to promote personal progress and accountability.

.   Compile and share wellness and healthy lifestyle resources with your client.

.   Selectively use self-disclosure to inspire and support your client.