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From severe headaches through the SCORE dance to new beliefs and relief

The coachee is a married mother of two sons and she works 28 hours a week as translator at a large accountancy firm. She is referred by the case manager for absenteeism of her company. The coachee has missed work due to severe migraine for the past 8 months. Presently she is working 10 hours a week if her migraine allows her to do so. On average she suffers from migraines 3 to 4 days a week.

The coachee is convinced that migraine attacks are a physical affliction and that only medication will help her. She doubts that coaching is suitable in her situation. I explain to her that I work according to a bio-psycho-social model and that if anything her physical complaints influence her overall feeling of wellbeing. After giving it some thought the coachee decides that she would like to investigate her migraine further.

We begin the first session with a SCORE dance. By doing this the coachee discovers that relaxation and the belief  "I am allowed to be here and be me"  have significant bearing on the results.

We look further into her work-life balance. There she discovers that due to her perfectionist character and her upbringing she is very bothered by feelings of guilt. The coachee is constantly compensating at work and in her private life. She slowly realizes the influence of her behavior on the severity of her complaints.

By appyling the process from the Building a Winning Belief system we search for healthy beliefs. Through affirmation the coachee will internalize these.

From that moment onward something changes in her attitude and her perception of being able to  influence her complaints. A process of forgiving her mother results in a great amount of relief.

At the end of the sessions  the coachee has fewer migraine attacks. She has decided to work less hours to afford more time to care for her sons and for herself. Because of her financial situation she is unable to leave her employment but she knows that in the future she will establish her translation bureau according to her personal views and vision.

Caroline Koolhaas

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