History of the Health Certification Training

"Improving the quality of peoples lives'

History of the Health Certification Training Program
When we (Tim and Suzi) started our training company back in 1980 we were developing materials and methods to help people reduce stress and become more resourceful. We researched how people’s behavior patterns impacted their mind/body/spirit; as well as how it affected their health, happiness and their overall productivity and well-being. Out of that, we created a 2-day workshop that we delivered to a variety of different groups with good success. Unlike many other stress reduction programs, our emphasis was on how a person actually creates stress through their basic behaviors. Then, we developed ideas for them to use in how to change themselves to let go of stress. Some of those things worked and others were less effective. As we began studying NLP, we immediately recognized how we could improve our stress reduction training by including NLP interventions and ideas into our program. It made a huge difference in the results that people got when they embraced the ideas and put them into place in their lives.

After completing the NLP Practitioner Training in Colorado in 1983 with Steve and Connirae Andreas and John Grinder, we partnered with Steve and Connirae to offer a NLP Practitioner Training in Salt Lake City, Utah where we lived and worked.

We met Robert Dilts in 1985, when he conducted a three-day advanced NLP training offered through NLP Colorado. At that training, he worked with a man who had been diagnosed as HIV positive. Following a conflict integration process, we witnessed the man's color change dramatically. Later the doctors pronounced him free of HIV.  We were very impressed, and wanted to learn more. (Earlier, Robert had worked with his mother, who had a reoccurrence of breast cancer, and helped her heal from cancer. He worked with her for four days and evenings - they only stopped to eat and sleep. Robert basically used every kind of process he could think of to help her. After the four days, his mother recovered and lived another twelve years. Over the years, we have seen and experienced many people making profound changes in their health and well being with NLP.)

In 1985, we asked Robert Dilts to conduct the testing and integration segment of our first NLP Practitioner program. As we all had a common interest in exploring the health applications of NLP, we decided to collaborate. We continued exploring NLP processes that could address issues for people who had health challenges and wrote the book, Beliefs: Pathways to Health and Well-Being, which was first published by Metamorphis Press in 1990. We were told it was their best selling book. (The book was later updated and re-published by Crown House in 2015.)

When the book was published, and the word got out that NLP is helpful in working with health issues, we began to receive calls asking us to see clients from many different locations. We decided that we needed to develop an advanced NLP training to teach people the processes we had written about in the book - plus the new ones we were developing to work with health and well-being challenges. This was the birth of the Health Certification Training. Shortly after the book was published, we offered a ten-day summer intensive Health program, which was attended by 52 NLP Master Practitioners from around the world in Park City, Utah. Todd Epstein, Robert’s business partner at that time was involved in that first venture.

The participants in that first training were excited about their experience but found themselves exhausted after 10 straight days of in-depth change. We reconfigured the training, which included more material into three modules, separated by a month or two in between each module. (Having three modules gives participants time to integrate their personal changes and new skills in a healthy effective way.)

With that new model, the program was rolled out to other countries. It has been provided in eight countries: America, Japan, Mexico, Denmark, Germany, Brazil, England, and the Netherlands. In 2008, Kris Hallbom, who has co-developed some powerful NLP processes, began to train in the program as well.

As we have provided this training over the years, we have had the help of many wonderful resource people to manage the groups that came together each time we offered it. The graduates of the program have created a world health community who can "speak a common language" of how to use NLP in an advanced way to help effect healing and well-being.