FAQ Health and wellbeing Coach Program

Most asked questions about the Health and Wellbeing Coach Pogram and answers from Tim and Suzi:

Q - “How will the Health and Wellbeing Coach Program help me with:
Relationships, depression, motivation issues, confidence, physical health, energy levels, etc.”

A - You will learn advanced NLP and coaching skills that will help you with every aspect and relationship in your life. You will learn processes that will assist you personally in your everyday life to unlock your true potential. In addition , you will go away with skills to help others in their quest to live a happy, healthy, productive life.

Q - “I am not a coach, why would I take this training?”

A - you will learn to be a better communicator and people helper. And this will be true regardless of whether you are a coach, a therapist, manager, or a parent. You will learn more about what to listen for in a communication that is truly meaningful, and you will hear the metaphors people choose to describe their life. You will improve your calibration skills and be able to utilize the unconscious feedback that people are consistently offering you in a communication. You will definitely learn how your words impact others as well as your own immune system. Learning communication skills and how to respond to what you are hearing others say will allow you to assist others in very powerful ways.

Q- “Health coach. This sounds like a program dedicated to helping people change lifestyle habits, like exercise stopping smoking, and eating in a healthier way.”

A While you will learn lots of skills that will help you enhance your lifestyle, it is not the emphasis of the program. This program has been designed to help you develop everyday , practical habits that will assist you in being healthy and productive. Controlling the way you live your life, instead of leaving it to chance can definitely make a difference.

Q - “Why would I want to take this training from Tim Hallbom and Suzi Smith?”

A Tim and Suzi are the co-developers of this program. They're both been providing advanced NLP trainings in health and well- being for many, many, years. They're also both pioneers in innovating health and well-being processes and concepts in the field of NLP and teaching people all over the world how to be more effective. Each has provided successful one on one work with thousands of people as well.

Q - “Once I learn health and well-being coach skills, how will I put them into practice?”

A - You will deepen your listening skills, your questioning skills, relationship building skills, and observation/calibration skills. You will also be provided with clear frames and structures for coaching someone effectively.

Q- “What are some specific processes and techniques I will learn?”

A - A valuable part of the program is being introduced to complete models for NLP Coaching. You will learn advanced techniques for assisting others with problem memories such as systemic re imprinting, DSR re imprinting, and Relevatory Eye movement work. Specific processes are included for working with double binds / conflicts and traumas. You will utilize powerful language patterns that assist you in helping others in achieving outcomes.

'Good coaching is an art' - Tim Hallbom

Join us in the next Health Coach Program that starts Saturday November 13.