Benefits Health Certification Training

"Building mastery and working intuitively"

On the Health Certification Training you will learn how you can

Align your personal strengths with your
- professional capabilities, core beliefs and values;
- mission and vision.

Interact and build relationships with other people who have similar missions and an advanced level of NLP skills.

Gain mastery of the tools and models in NLP that impact your health, success and happiness in powerful ways.

Define the total ‘problem space’ of any issues around feeling healthy, successful and happy.

Identify and understand the communications behind symptoms for yourself and others.

Use many different approaches to a physical, emotional, social or organisational issue using NLP.

Develop skills to influence beliefs conversationally.

Internalise NLP as an ongoing part of your identity.

Operate more congruently and develop skills to integrate mind, body and spirit - Feel ‘wholeness’.

Participate, influence and impact your own health, success and happiness.

Join us in the next Health Certification Training
and be a part of the NLP Health community