About Another-View

"We sponsor a training that enhances the health of the participants and                   everybody they work with"

About Another-View
From the mission 'making a difference in health and well being of mother earth, mankind and society',  Another-View initiates, organizes and sponsors the Health Certification Training.

During the training students are offered a unique platform to get the best out of themselves concerning health, wellbeing, vitality and other areas of life.

Together with the trainers - who represent knowledge, skills and more than personal involvement concerning health and wellbeing - we also work on creating a NLP Health community.

Marian Langbroek
In 2005 I was a student in the Health Certification Training myself.
For me it has been an amazing journey that has given me a lot in my personal life as well as in my work as a guide of change processes. I first hand experienced the contribution of the intense processes to realise good health and I am grateful for that. During the years that followed I was a resource person a couple of times.
When in 2013 the Health Certification Training no longer continued I felt it as my mission to retain this beautiful training about health and wellbeing for Holland and for students from all over the world.
With a fantastic support team on my side we start the HCT 2020 with the intention to provide a safe environment for all students and the trainers, so every one can get the best out of themselves.
For an international group of partipants from all walks of life we would like to create the space to grow and develop. In this way we join together in creating a world to which people want to belong.