"Your journey to mastery and working intuitively'

Your journey to mastery begins when you decide to:

  • take your NLP learning to the next level
  • start building a healthy life for yourself and others
  • join us in creating a world to which people want to belong

Why the Health Certification program in Holland is so special:

  • It is the only HCT in Europe.
  • NLP top trainers from America: Robert Dilts, Suzi Smith and Tim Hallbom. 
  • You study with an international group of like minded peole.
  • The training is held in a beautiful location in the woods.
  • The training is tought in English.
  • The trainers and skilled resource team are there to create deep learning and facilitate  personal transformation.
  • After graduating you get an opportunity to join an international community of NLP Health Coaches.

Interested in personal, professional, organizational health?

Is this you? Yes: It’s time to explore this website.

The Health Certification Training is delivered in the Netherlands
over 15 days split in 3 modules of 5 days each.